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A Compromising Situation

posted by Bonnie @ 10:49 PM
Thursday, November 6, 2014
INNES Floor Lamp Image

Chloe INNES Floor Lamp Image

When you live with someone who has a completely different design aesthetic, it can be challenging to agree on furniture and lighting styles. He is VERY traditional, and she likes modern clean lines.

My friends found the perfect solution in their home office area with a Tiffany Style floor lamp and Tiffany Style Table Lamp. To her, they are sleek and modern, but the stained-glass and old world soldering appealed to his traditional side. Compromise is Key!

Chloe INNES Table Lamp Image

INNES Tiffany Style Table Lamp Image

Getting The Hang Of It

posted by Bonnie @ 11:13 AM
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You have a beautiful sitting area in your home and you’ve just purchased new artwork to dress up the room. Easy as this sounds, it is a very challenging project. Hanging the artwork at the right height, ensuring it is straight and avoiding the “extra” holes in the wall from the project can be challenging.

Using templates is the easiest way to hang artwork. Simply trace the outside of your frame onto paper or cardboard and use painters tape to temporarily attach the template to the wall. This way you can play with the placement and get a clear picture of the finished product. This works really well if there are multiple pieces to be arranged. This allows you to step back and take in the entire view rather than lean back with one hand holding the frame in place while eyeballing the placement from an angle.

Once you are happy with the placement, hang the actual frames one at a time and remove your template in the process.

It isn’t essential to have a wall stud behind each piece of artwork, as there are different metal and plastic anchors that can be used to stabilize the hanger. You should certainly try to locate a wall stud for very heavy items though.

Keep these pointers in mind when you hang your art.

  • Always hang pictures at eye level.
  • When hanging artwork over a sofa, leave only a few inches to make the picture the focal point.
  • Don’t put one small picture on a large wall, or a large picture on a small wall. Keep scale in mind.
  • If you hang a picture over a piece of furniture (table, chair or settee) the length of the artwork should not be longer than the width of the piece of furniture below it.
  • Coordinate colors in your artwork to your current decor.
  • Illuminate the artwork with an up-light, tastefully done with a tiffany style torchiere floor lamp

Remodeling the Office

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 8:06 AM
Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making the office a comfortable environment for employees can increase productivity and ensure they’ll stay at their desks longer, and work more. One idea to consider is to bring in plants or small trees. This not only makes the office more aesthetically pleasing, but increases the production of oxygen, allowing for more oxygen to reach the brain, and increasing mental productivity. Another idea is to replace your existing lighting panels with sky-scapes, which have colored prints of the sky, ocean, or popular characters like Dilbert. While having no scientific benefit, these add an artistic appeal to the office. You can enhance the ambiance even further by strategically placing a Tiffany floor lamp or two around the main areas of the office.

I also invested in some wholesale fragrance oil so that the office always smells great. In addition, simple changes like free coffee a couple days of the week or doughnuts from the bakery on Mondays never hurt.

Your Home Provides Glimpses Of Your Interests.

posted by Bonnie @ 11:11 AM
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Victorian Tiffany Style Floor LampThe way you arrange your furniture and light a room gives others a glimpse at your personal interests. You can be assured that comfortable chairs, shoulder-high lighting and book cases full of books will alert a visitor to your passion for reading. Why not do it in style?

Tiffany style floor lamps come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are the perfect height for reading. Since floor lamps use very little floor space, they can be conveniently placed next to any sitting area.

The right tiffany lamp along with a good imagination can place you directly into the story. Whether you are reading a love story taking place in an elaborate castle or reading a biography of  your favorite author,  you alone set the scene in your mind.

I guess that is why I like to read the book before seeing the movie.

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