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A Tiffany Lamp Soothes After A Bad Day At Work

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 3:23 PM
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tif-c-gal006I had the longest day ever at work the other day; I was just dealing with so many irate customers and getting yelled at by them. On top of that, my boss had recently lost a major account and he was really upset so I was getting yelled at by him as well because things had been pretty slow with our company lately. All of the yelling coming from all directions made for an unpleasant day.

The worst part of it all was that it was happening on a Monday and it didn’t make me particularly excited for the rest of the week. By the end of the work day, I was completely exhausted and really not feeling very good at all. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was curl up next to a Tiffany lamp with a good book and a glass of wine.

Can’t Pass Up A Tiffany Floor Lamp

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 4:16 PM
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Walking into my friend’s house is like walking into an antiques shop. It is full of old furniture and portraits of barons and baronesses from the nineteenth century. Most of her collection she inherited from her grandmother, who collected art, but she has added to the collection, piece by piece. She gets most of her items from an art dealer, but occasionally she would attend auctions and bid on works of art. She doesn’t like to do that too often because if she sees a piece she really likes, she gets carried away.

Last weekend I went with her to one of these art auctions. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the foremost expert on anything related to art, but it still confuses me how some people could spend thousands of dollars or more on something they’re just going to display in their house. I understand it’s an investment, but there are other things you could invest in that will net you more income than art. My friend ended up going over her budget while bidding on an original Tiffany floor lamp. She was happy she won the auction, but wasn’t too happy about the amount she spent.

Thanks For The Gift Idea, Louis Comfort Tiffany

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 4:16 PM
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have a good idea on what to get my girlfriend. Last year I got her some jewelry so this year I want to get her something different. I get her jewelry on all the major gift-giving holidays and her birthday so I think she’s expecting more of the same from me this year on Valentine’s Day. I want to surprise her in a good way this year.

My girlfriend studies art in college. She’s taken a liking to her art history class because it introduces her to some of the major artists from the past couple of centuries. She would come home and show me their works and talk about their influences and the meanings behind their masterpieces. So, for this Valentine’s Day I’m getting her a beautifully handcrafted stained glass lamp in the vain of the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany. I saw one in an antiques shop once and it really stood out to me. The colors were bright and vibrant and the design was one-of-a-kind. I know she will love it

Gift Exchange

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 6:57 PM
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There’s nothing that frustrates me more than trying to find the perfect birthday gift for someone.  Some people are harder to shop for than others.  My dad, for example, wants nothing but Blu-ray movies to add to his collection.  He isn’t picky about which ones, so long as they’re Blu-ray.  My mother is another story.

My mother doesn’t like to make wish lists or leave any clues as to what she would like for her birthday or for Christmas.  She has very specific taste and she usually returns gifts if they aren’t the right color or the right size.  She exchanged they Tiffany hanging pendant light my sister and I got her for her birthday last year because it clashed with the couches in the living room.  I’m thinking of just getting her a gift card this year to make things easier for everyone.

Treat Yourself to Tiffany Lamps

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:44 AM
Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I recently just got a raise at my job and it even came with a pretty nice bonus. I work really hard at my job and I thought that it was well-deserved that I got this raise and bonus for my hard work. I decided that I would treat myself by going out and purchasing some new décor items for my home.

Some of the items I purchased were Tiffany table lamps. They add some really much-needed lighting to my living and family rooms. I’ve always liked the Tiffany style lamps because of the interesting colors and patterns that they tend to have on them. They add a unique style to your home that’s subtle and trendy at the same time.

Decorating a New Apartment

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 3:12 PM
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I recently moved into a new apartment and I’ve been having some trouble figuring out how to furnish it, because this is the first time I’ve ever lived on my own. I’ve always mixed and matched furniture with whatever roommates I was living with at the time, but this time it’s my own place and I want to be sure that everything about the apartment fits who I am as a person.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted for chairs and tables particularly. One easy choice I made was picking up a few Tiffany style table lamps to brighten up the place. I thought those fit my style quite a bit. The next thing I’ve got to work on is decorative items for the walls and tables.

Storage Wars

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:10 AM
Thursday, July 5, 2012

Have you ever watched the show Storage Wars? Along with Deadliest Catch it’s one of my father’s favorite shows. Last time I was visiting with my parents, my father put the show on after dinner. The premise of the show is that business owners bid on unpaid storage lockers. They bidders only have a few minutes to peer into the lockers without going inside, and then they have to decide rather quickly if they want to pony up.

On the particular episode I watched with my dad I spotted what looked like a Tiffany lamp in one of the lockers. One of the show’s protagonists noticed it too. He correctly stated that even if it was Tiffany style rather than authentic, it would still be worth a hefty chunk of change.

Merging Households

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 10:14 AM
Thursday, July 5, 2012

As an interior designer, I often find myself merging households. For younger newlyweds it’s a bit easier because they haven’t had as much time to collect objects for the home. Couples who marry later in life often come to the table with two full households.

My last couple had completely opposite tastes. He liked clean contemporary lines while she was a collector of antiques. I melded the two styles together through the use of neutral wall colors and clean lines on the bookshelves on which she could display her antiques, including a set of gorgeous Tiffany lamps.

Reading Nook

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 1:11 PM
Monday, May 7, 2012

When decorating our home I could not figure out what to do with an awkward triangular space underneath the stairs in the living room. I didn’t want to turn it into just another space for storage; I wanted a more creative solution. After browsing through design inspiration boards online, I settled on creating a reading nook.

I found a beautiful chaise lounge that fit perfectly in the space. Since you’re meant to recline on the chaise I didn’t have to worry about head space. On the outside edge of the chaise lounge I placed one of two Tiffany floor lamps that I own. I finished the reading nook off with a few colorful pillows and a throw blanket.

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 10:57 AM
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In 1894 Louis Comfort Tiffany patented favrile glass. Favrile glass is opalescent and made by machines. At the time Louis Comfort Tiffany developed the unique technique most glass lamps were hand blown. Favrile is also unique in that it has luminous pearl-like quality to it when the glass is injected with colored metallic oxide.

Not all Tiffany desk lamps are made using favrile glass. If you happen to own one, particularly a dragonfly lamp shade, then consider yourself incredibly lucky. The favrile glass lamps are exquisite, rare, and valuable; an irreplaceable commodity.

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