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Lighting Statement Piece

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:10 AM
Friday, June 22, 2012

Lately I’ve become a big fan of the show HGTV Design Star. I find the assortment of interior designers, furniture makers, artists, set designers, and architects they find to compete on the show utterly fascinating. Each contestant has their own point of view and style aesthetic that has opened my eyes to design ideas I’d never considered.

For instance, in a challenge where they had to transform a blank room with minimal furnishings, one designer chose to make light a focal point. He hobbled together about 15 clear light bulbs and hung them in such a way that they cast interesting shadows on the wall. I was so inspired that I moved my Tiffany hanging pendant light to the edge of the room so it now shines along a blank wall, thus letting the exquisite colors pop even more in contrast.

Creative Chandelier

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 1:11 PM
Monday, May 21, 2012

When it comes to interior decorating the only rule is: there are no rules. I firmly believe that whatever colors, patterns, and fabrics make you happy, then that is what should be used. Don’t worry what other people think; they don’t have to live in your home.

For instance, conventional rules state that a dining table should have one elegant chandelier. If you take a peek at my dining room, however, you’ll notice that I have not one chandelier, but three. I took three Tiffany hanging lamps and hung them at different heights for a unique look that shows off the lamps’ colors. I think that my choice in lighting reflects my eclectic tastes perfectly.

Lighting Shows Off Your Space To Its Best Advantage

posted by Bonnie @ 1:19 PM
Sunday, September 19, 2010

How many hours did you spend picking out the paint for your room? Now, how long did it take you to decide on the lighting? No other single element influences what we do and how we feel, yet we overlook this element of design.

Each room in your house is unique and needs to be illuminated to  meet your needs day and night.

Ambient lighting is the base from which all lighting is layered. It is the natural light from windows and those lights that fill the space with an overall glow. These usually include ceiling fixtures, pendant, track, recessed lights and wall sconces.

While a pendant light might be your first choice for over the breakfast bar, don’t forget what they can add to a living area, entry or stairwell. Pendants can be hung in pairs or groups for added effect.

Tiffany Table LampTask lighting is illumination for a single activity. This is achieved by using desk lamps, table lamps, under-counter lights, pendants and swing arm lights. You should use this type of lighting near your sewing machine, office desk, kitchen counter or any place you may sit to read.

Accent lighting will give you shape and depth. This type of lighting may show off a particular piece of artwork or lighten a dark corner. Wall sconces, torchieres and pedestal lamps would be appropriate fixtures for this type of lighting.

Chandeliers and wall sconces with dimmer switches can provide accent or mood lighting as well.

Decorative lighting is a design element. It is meant to look good while providing a little light as a bonus. Unique candle stands and novelty lamps work well here. Your choices are almost unlimited.

Beware of the common mistake of using one overpowering bright overhead lamp. That is usually harsh and unflattering to your decor. Instead, use a varity of lamps and lighting fixtures that will give you soft and warm light.Punch Pattern Lamp

If you have high ceilings and want to cozy up the room, use light shades with pierced patterns that will cast patterns on the wall or tiffany style lamps that throw off varying colors.

Tiffany Pendant Lamps Give Additional Space

posted by Bonnie @ 10:00 AM
Saturday, June 12, 2010

If you have a bedroom in your home that is the size of a large closet, I have an idea that may give you the needed space and still allow ample lighting.

When you find yourself with barely enough room for a bed and dresser, the dilema becomes how do I light this room without the need for nightstands. Usually a room this size will have limited wall space. One wall will have a window, another a closet, and you need a door to enter! So you effectively look to the heavens for the answer. Low and behold, you realize that tiffany hanging pendant lamps not only will eliminate the need for the nightstands, but add dimension and color to the room.

Tiffany Style Iris Pendant LampYour tiffany pendant lamp may not come with chains long enough to bring the lamp down to a height usable from the bed, and when reading in bed, you don’t want to have to get up to shut off the light, but pendant lamps are built to easily convert to swags by changing the cord and chain.

Lighting A Dinette Area

posted by Bonnie @ 7:30 AM
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ivy Design Tiffany Style Hanging LampA decorative pendant or a fixture like a Chloe ivy design tiffany style hanging lamp with a down light does the job nicely. If installed with a dimmer switch, you can soften the light for entertaining and brighten the light for homework.

This type of light should be mounted so the pendant is at least 2 ½ feet above the table. You want at least 100 watts of light for this area. A tiffany hanging lamp with two 60 watt light bulbs meets these standards.

Replacing a ceiling fixture is a task that you need not fear. You have only three wires to contend with, two live wires and one ground wire. As long as you turn off the power to the room containing the fixture, this can be a do-it-yourself project.

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