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A Tip To Make Your Room Look More Spacious

posted by Bonnie @ 10:15 AM
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The uBaroque Style Mirror Set With Candlesse of mirrors in the entry reflects light and space. A mirror strategically placed over a sofa can reflect an outside view, adding another “window” to the room.

These are just two ways a mirror can be used to make your home look more spacious. There are numberable mirror sets and ensembles that can quite inexpensively make your rooms look larger and more spacious. You can match nearly any decor. Some have matching candles and shelves, others may have painted graphics on the mirrors themselves. Every mirror on your wall does not have to be meant to check your make-up and straighten your hair. Mine, however, tend to be a last quick check on the way to answering the door, just to make sure I am somewhat presentable.

Taper Candle Holders For The Wall.

posted by Bonnie @ 4:27 PM
Monday, May 17, 2010

Candelabrum are ornamental branched candlesticks or lamps with several lights. There shapes and colors vary as much as the materials they are made from.

Shabby Elegance CandelabraThe particular one I am showing you is made of wrought iron, to fit a shabby elegance décor style. It was seen used as part of a family tree in a hallway which led from the foyer towards the bedrooms. It encompassed the entire wall. The photographs of the family members were selectively placed around the candelabra, and leaves and branches were painted between the photographs and behind the candelabra. This particular taper candle holder was selected because of the number of tapers it would hold, as well as the original shape of the candelabra, which fit nicely into the center of the painted tree’s foliage. The candelabra holds 8 taper candles, the family has 6 children. They took this idea a full step further than most people I have seen do this. They purchased candles in the colors of the birthstones for each member, and placed the candles in the order of the pictures. For example, the emerald green candle was placed in the same location on the candelabra as the photo location for the son born in May. Since they are a real family, and prefer to keep their anonymity, I am going to do my best to show you the layout they used. Hopefully you will be able to picture the finished product from the diagram below.

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