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Dragonfly Décor with Tiffany Table Lamp

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:02 AM
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chloe-Lighting-Tiffany-Style-Dragonfly-Table-LampMy older sister has always had an eclectic sense of style her whole life. Growing up, she always came up with the most interesting color matchups for her outfits, and Halloween was her favorite day of the year since she could wear anything without getting strange looks. When I saw her apartment for the first time, I can’t say I was too surprised by her idea of interior design.

She was apparently going through a dragonfly phase. I wasn’t sure how she had decided she was going through a phase in which she felt the need to decorate her home in a particular bug, but I decided to let it go. There were a few pieces I really liked, such as her Tiffany table lamp, but the dragonfly printed table clothes could have been more subtle.

A Tiffany Lamp Soothes After A Bad Day At Work

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 3:23 PM
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tif-c-gal006I had the longest day ever at work the other day; I was just dealing with so many irate customers and getting yelled at by them. On top of that, my boss had recently lost a major account and he was really upset so I was getting yelled at by him as well because things had been pretty slow with our company lately. All of the yelling coming from all directions made for an unpleasant day.

The worst part of it all was that it was happening on a Monday and it didn’t make me particularly excited for the rest of the week. By the end of the work day, I was completely exhausted and really not feeling very good at all. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was curl up next to a Tiffany lamp with a good book and a glass of wine.

Generator in Bad Weather

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:38 AM
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We’ve been going through a pretty bad bout of weather recently, what with blizzard warnings (that luckily haven’t come to fruition) and windstorms aplenty. As there are a lot of trees where I live, we’ve had a few go down, which has unfortunately killed my power a couple times.

Luckily, I have our generator connected to certain areas of the house, so the most recent time that it happened I was able to easily turn on my Tiffany style table lamp, as well as my heater, so that I could curl up on the couch and read a book in my living room even though our power lines were down.

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