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Warm Your Home For Fall

posted by Bonnie @ 12:09 PM
Monday, September 6, 2010

Now is the time to transform your home into a cozy nest where friends and family want to gather.

Fall Welcome WreathMake visitors feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door. Decorate your front door with a seasonal accent and an attractive door mat.

Rearrange your furniture and create a conversation pit in front of your fireplace. If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, many electric fireplaces are available on the market that give the same feel and warmth with no mess or outside venting needed.

Light the candles. Choose candlesticks in metallics or warm colors. Gold is popular now. Or purchase votive Partridge Nest Tealight Holdercandles, colored and scented, and place them into gourds or apples you have hollowed out using a votive carver, making your own unique candle holders.

Add fall color pallets by selecting fabrics in shades of browns, reds, oranges and yellows for throw pillows and table runners. These same colors can be incorporated into the area rugs, which are cheaper to replace than the carpet.

Take down the summer sheers and add some substantial curtains, consider thermal window treatments which will help keep out drafts.

Crystal Tealight HolderA touch of black adds sophistication to your home decor. Use it sparingly, a few picture frames, a ceramic vase, a unique candle holder because too much black looks dreary.

Decorate using nature as an inspiration. Continue the theme using fall flowers, or artificial flowers, set about in unusual containers. Try china pitchers, ceramic teapots or watering buckets instead of your normal run of the mill vase.

With these few changes, you are ready to entertain family and friends. Fall is the lead into the holidays. Don’t hesitate, there is no reason to wait for the holiday’s to make decor changes that will uplift your spirits.

Flameless Candles Safe Near Pets And Children.

posted by Bonnie @ 12:26 PM
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flameless CandleWe all love our candlelight, but many areas of our homes are not suited for an open flame. When you find yourself saddled with this dilema, don’t sell yourself short and change your decorating plan. You can have the candlelight effect without the flame.

Technology driven by necessity, has evolved and allowed us to keep the design aspectsAngelic Flameless Candle we love without the dangers. We use beautiful candleholders in our decor as accent pieces and focal points. We have been limited in the past by the placement of these items because of the open flames. We now have access to flameless candles that have improved drastically in recent years. They now look life-like when lit, no longer taking on the plastic flashlight aura they had in the beginning. Some even come made of scented paraffin wax making them even more realistic.

If you have avoided the lovely glow of candlelight because you have children, pets or high traffic areas, use this completely safe alternative for the same effect.

Wildberry Highly Scented Candle Appropriate Anywhere.

posted by Bonnie @ 10:00 AM
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The trend is: less is more.

Still, how many times do we purchase elaborate candle holders with large candles just to get hours of burn time? We really are not in need of anything quite so elaborate, we aren’t looking for anything but the ambiance of the candlelight and a light fragrance for the room. Why not go with an elegantly uncomplicated enhancement that is appropriate most anywhere.

Highly Scented Candle - WildberryScented jar candles are long lasting and highly scented. This cheerful bright red candle enlivens a room with the sweet scent of nature and a dash of color, yet takes nothing away from the decor you have in place. Highly scented candlescan be purchased in a wide assortment of fragrances. Nature scents and florals are always popular, but you can purchase richly scented candles that smell of different favorite foods for your kitchen as well. You have to love it: comfort food without the calories!

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