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Lighting Statement Piece

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:10 AM
Friday, June 22, 2012

Lately I’ve become a big fan of the show HGTV Design Star. I find the assortment of interior designers, furniture makers, artists, set designers, and architects they find to compete on the show utterly fascinating. Each contestant has their own point of view and style aesthetic that has opened my eyes to design ideas I’d never considered.

For instance, in a challenge where they had to transform a blank room with minimal furnishings, one designer chose to make light a focal point. He hobbled together about 15 clear light bulbs and hung them in such a way that they cast interesting shadows on the wall. I was so inspired that I moved my Tiffany hanging pendant light to the edge of the room so it now shines along a blank wall, thus letting the exquisite colors pop even more in contrast.

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