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posted by Bonnie @ 10:55 PM
Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading Time Solar LampWhether your cabin is high in the mountains or bordering the lake, the nights are pitchSmiling Young Tree Gnome dark in the wild!

Add the light necessary to safely navigate your walkway to the front door while at the same time decorating your yard. You need no electrical outlet, just a little sunshine during the day.

The wood-look  statue of the young children reading has aGrandpa Tree Gnome solar lantern that can light your path and point straight towards your tree shaded seating area. The gnome statue appears to have one Two Gnome Toadstool Statuegnome following along in his own book while the other listens intently. Add additional tree gnomes facing the children and you can create the illusion of an entire hidden wilderness population. Your guests will be amused as well as surprised when they notice the scene you have spotlighted so uniquely.

Garden Gnomes Considered Good Luck!

posted by Bonnie @ 4:20 PM
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden gnomes are considered good luck symbols when placed in your home and garden. Imagine every gnome you possess bringing you luck and the opportunity to do a good deed.

Yard Gnomes

That is the case the entire month of May. Gnome sales endow an American Legion Auxiliary’s scholarship fund. You can decorate your garden, bring yourself luck and help put an at-needs student through school.

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