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The Feel Of Fall – Just In Time For Thanksgiving

posted by Bonnie @ 12:35 PM
Friday, October 8, 2010

Bark CandlesThe weather has begun to cool in all areas of the United States. When that happens, we all think first of state fairs, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I wanted to bring fall directly into my home and found the perfect way to do so inexpensively while still maintaining my basic decor.

These bark candles gave the room just a hint of fall without overpowering the room. I added actual pine cones to my window display, but the same effect can be obtained using pine cone shaped candles.

Harvest and Holloween PumpkinsSince my children are all grown and on their own, Halloween decorations in my home have been toned down to those I can use all through the thanksgiving season. The scenic harvest pumpkin I place on the end table near the lamp is an example of my “Halloween” decorations.

Don’t fret though, I still adorn the front yard with gouls and ghosts the children enjoy when they trick or treat through the neighborhood.

Single Women Are The Fastest-Growing Homeowner Group

posted by Bonnie @ 11:18 AM
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Single women – a diverse group that includes childless women, single mothers, divorcees, 20-somethings and seniors – are now the second largest group of homeowners according to one study by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Unmarried women make up 22 percent of all homebuyers. That constitutes approximately 1.5 million women. Single men trail at 17 percent, and the largest segment is still married couples at more than 60 percent.

Owning a home is one of the best investments you can make, and more women are investing in homes, but it is often scary for them to take that plunge.

For many unmarried women, location is a top priority. The single mothers need to be near the schools and tend to stay near other family and friends who can supply support. Single women also like being close to retail stores and entertainment venues. Looking at existing homes, women prefer to buy one that doesn’t require a lot of renovation. They work and don’t want to spend their days scheduling repairmen.

However, decoraEiffel Tower Candle Holderting their new homes has never been a scary thought. This is their space and they thrive on making the entire home reflect a part of themselves.

The avid traveler may pick unique candle lanterns such as the Eiffel Tower candle holder shown here. This lantern would lend support to the travel photos displayed on the walls and the exotic vases, statues or trinkets displayed throughout the room.

Lighting is what shows off a space to its best advantage. Because there are so many layers of lighting – ambient, task, accent and decorative – we will be doing a special series on illumination. Check back often to be sure you do not miss these informative articles. Each lighting layer has specific purposes and fixtures that provide each lighting layer will be explored.

We will also be presenting information on how to present your artwork and photos in a professional way. Dressing up rooms is easily achieved by hanging artwork on the walls so check back with us often.

Flameless Candles Safe Near Pets And Children.

posted by Bonnie @ 12:26 PM
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flameless CandleWe all love our candlelight, but many areas of our homes are not suited for an open flame. When you find yourself saddled with this dilema, don’t sell yourself short and change your decorating plan. You can have the candlelight effect without the flame.

Technology driven by necessity, has evolved and allowed us to keep the design aspectsAngelic Flameless Candle we love without the dangers. We use beautiful candleholders in our decor as accent pieces and focal points. We have been limited in the past by the placement of these items because of the open flames. We now have access to flameless candles that have improved drastically in recent years. They now look life-like when lit, no longer taking on the plastic flashlight aura they had in the beginning. Some even come made of scented paraffin wax making them even more realistic.

If you have avoided the lovely glow of candlelight because you have children, pets or high traffic areas, use this completely safe alternative for the same effect.

Decorative Candles Help You Relax.

posted by Bonnie @ 11:27 AM
Sunday, June 27, 2010

When you have had a tough day at the office, or the kids just wouldn’t behave, you need to allow yourself at least 30 minutes of down time before you try to sleep.

Fire and Water FountainAn easy way to do that, is to place a decorative candle fountain in your den. Start the fountain, light the candles and lay back and close your eyes. You may feel that you cannot afford to take time from your day for this, but you will find that you will go to sleep much faster, and you will sleep much deeper if you take the time to relax and unwind before you go to bed. The decorative candle doesn’t hurt your decor either.

This decorative candle works well in the bathroom as well, if you get the chance to steal away for a relaxing bath, as it has no electric cord and runs on batteries.

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