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Pieces to grow with your child

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 6:05 PM
Friday, December 10, 2010

Not everyone feels comfortable letting their child have valuable decorative pieces in their room for fear of paint smears or breakage. In my experience, giving a child a small valuable piece to keep is a way of fostering responsibility. My mother gave me a set of porcelain figurines when I was a young girl. She explained that they were my responsibility to clean and care for. Those figurines are still in tip top shape and I keep them out on my coffee table.

For my own daughter, I chose to give her a small tiffany accent lamp. For a child, I would recommend an animal shaped lamp, such as a butterfly or parrot. The beautiful colors and exquisite craftsmanship compliment every room. The classic designs will grow with your child and are even appropriate for adult rooms. Tiffany accent lamp ranges in price from less than $50 to close to $200, so a parent can pick what price they are comfortable entrusting to the care of a child.

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    Very interesting to read. I enjoyed well while reading. I will recommend my friends to read this one for sure.

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