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Unique Gift Idea

posted by Bonnie @ 5:50 AM
Saturday, November 26, 2016

OLLIE Glass Panel

It is the time of year when you are thinking “Gifts for the people I love” and you will be excited or stressed over the fact that time is running out before the holidays. You are trying to think of something unique but still something that will be enjoyed year round.

This glass panel for your window may be just the type of thing you need. It is different, but not so different they will hide it. It has basic muted colors, so it can go with most decors without interrupting the current flow and feel in the room. It is beautiful in front of a window when it captures the natural light from outdoors, but can be hung anywhere in the home. And…it is something they will probably not get two of.


Grandma’s Peacocks Held The Answer.

posted by Bonnie @ 1:05 PM
Saturday, October 4, 2014
Peacock Fireplace Screen Image

Peacock Tiffany Style Fireplace Screen

Peacock Glass Panel Image

Peacock Tiffany Style Glass Panel


I used to take my daughter to her Grandmother’s farm and there were four or five peacocks that roamed her property. The first time we saw the male with his long, plumed feathers all fanned out so proudly, we both fell in love with him. It was a beautiful sight.

When she moved into her first apartment, we weren’t allowed to change the décor much. We couldn’t change the paint on the drab white walls and the fireplace screen was matte black and resembled some chicken wire. Then I found this beautiful Tiffany Style Fireplace Screen that brought back all those great memories and infused some of her personality into the room. She also got the matching Tiffany Style Peacock Feather Glass Window Panel and hung it above the half-wall between the kitchen and dining rooms, adding both color and life without lifting a paintbrush!

My Mother Used Tiffany Sytle Lighting

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 6:58 PM
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Tiffany Style Lamp 14 Feb 2010 gI know that my mother had a lot of good taste when it came to decorating my childhood home. I know this because I have good taste as well and I have recreated a lot of the things that I remember her doing when it comes to decorating my own home. One thing that I’ve admittedly chosen to recreate is the way she had set up her lighting.

Lighting is very important for a home. There are plenty of different kinds of lighting options, but my mother always used Tiffany style lighting and in emulating her design choices, I have also chosen Tiffany lighting for my home. I’m always getting compliments about how comfortable the lighting feels in my home, so I know I must be doing something right!

National Cathedral Houses Auxiliary Window

posted by Bonnie @ 11:59 AM
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the inscription - third panel

I am a member, and a big fan of the the American Legion Auxiliary. In 1981, an anonymous donor pledged $50,000 if the American Legion Auxiliary could raise an equal amount. The money, per the donors request, was to be used to endow the placement of a stained glass window with the Auxiliary emblem in the Washington, D.C. National Cathedral.

Auxiliary Stained Glass Window - National Cathedral - Washington DCThe challenge was accepted, and in 1986 the money was collected.

A well known stained glass artist, Roy LeCompte, was commissioned to design the window depicting the suffering of Job, a metaphor for families that have lost a loved one in war.

Before a crowd of more than 2,000 gathered in the National Cathedral for a service on February 23, 1986, the Job Clave Clerestory window was dedicated. This window was once again the center of attention, gazed upon by the masses when a crowd of Legion and Auxiliary members gathered during the Washington D.C. Conference in 2012.

If you would like to know more about the window and the history of the National Cathedral, visit for a more indepth article.

Now most of us don’t personally have the means to have a commissioned stained glass window in our homes, but each and every one of us can afford the elegance of a Tiffany style stained glass panel to place in our window. For that matter, a Tiffany style stained glass panel can be hung anywhere in your home. Treat your Tiffany style stained glass panel as the piece of art that it actually is.


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