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Candleholders – Classic Combo – Black & White

posted by Bonnie @ 5:29 PM
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is more sophisticated in black and white. Words you can live by, especially if you live in rented quarters, when you aren’t allowed to paint your walls. Add an instant focal point which is removable.

Take a hall table (black or white), add a narrow table runner (red or bright yellow for a dash of color), place a black birdcage candleholder on one side of the table and a bright colored birdhouse on the other side of the table. Following me so far? Now take a removable graphic wall decal like the singing bird decal shown here, and center it above the table on the wall. Birdcage Candleholder - 38651Winery Birdhouse - 35146

Singing Bird Graphic Wall Decal

With all the wall decals available to the public, there are millions of combinations you could come up with. Candles and candleholders come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Replace the birdhouse with a statue, books with decorative bookends, picture frames, vases with brightly colored flowers, the alternatives are extensive.

Regardless of what you decide to do, both you and your landlord will be pleased. You have the focal point needed with stark white walls and they have no marks or holes to repair in the walls when you change your address. Win/win situations are always good solutions.

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