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Grandma’s Peacocks Held The Answer.

posted by Bonnie @ 1:05 PM
Saturday, October 4, 2014
Peacock Fireplace Screen Image

Peacock Tiffany Style Fireplace Screen

Peacock Glass Panel Image

Peacock Tiffany Style Glass Panel


I used to take my daughter to her Grandmother’s farm and there were four or five peacocks that roamed her property. The first time we saw the male with his long, plumed feathers all fanned out so proudly, we both fell in love with him. It was a beautiful sight.

When she moved into her first apartment, we weren’t allowed to change the décor much. We couldn’t change the paint on the drab white walls and the fireplace screen was matte black and resembled some chicken wire. Then I found this beautiful Tiffany Style Fireplace Screen that brought back all those great memories and infused some of her personality into the room. She also got the matching Tiffany Style Peacock Feather Glass Window Panel and hung it above the half-wall between the kitchen and dining rooms, adding both color and life without lifting a paintbrush!

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