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My Mother Used Tiffany Sytle Lighting

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 6:58 PM
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Tiffany Style Lamp 14 Feb 2010 gI know that my mother had a lot of good taste when it came to decorating my childhood home. I know this because I have good taste as well and I have recreated a lot of the things that I remember her doing when it comes to decorating my own home. One thing that I’ve admittedly chosen to recreate is the way she had set up her lighting.

Lighting is very important for a home. There are plenty of different kinds of lighting options, but my mother always used Tiffany style lighting and in emulating her design choices, I have also chosen Tiffany lighting for my home. I’m always getting compliments about how comfortable the lighting feels in my home, so I know I must be doing something right!

Redecorating With A Tiffany Table Lamp

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 6:58 PM
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

tiffany1Some people see redecorating as a pain, but honestly, I see it as something I live for. Before I met my husband and we had our children, I was studying Interior Design in school and was planning to design the insides of restaurants. I never got a chance to do that professionally, but whenever we redecorate part of our family home, I always get a chance to show off my skills.

Most recently, the room that my husband and I decided to redecorate was the living room. Generally, when we’re doing any remodeling or redecorating, my husband butts out and just leaves everything to me, because he knows I prefer it that way. The first thing that I got for the updated living room is a Tiffany table lamp that I know will tie the room together.

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