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You Can’t Download Furniture

posted by LampsMakeTheRoom @ 11:28 AM
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I’m jealous of the stylish furniture that my characters get to use in The Sims. It seems unfair that I’m rarely able to find an affordable gem online or in a thrift store that can spice up my living room décor in the way that I can easily point and click to do the same thing in a computer game. I know it may seem ridiculous to be jealous of characters on a computer screen, but all I have to do is download new furniture when I get sick of the old stuff in the game, and it’s not always as easy to get new, conversation-inspiring furniture at my actual house.

The one type of furniture I have always been good at finding in real life, however, is home lighting. Like I said, I like my furniture to be conversation starters because of how interesting they look because it makes my dinner parties all that much more eventful. Usually, I turn to Tiffany style lamps, because they cover all of the bases I need. Too bad I can’t just download them like I can in my game!

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