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Color Dimensions And Our Natural Reactions To Color

posted by Bonnie @ 1:30 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There are three dimensions of the colors on the color wheel.

Dimensions_hue_valueHue refers to the pure spectrum colors in the color wheel.

The value of a hue is determined by adding white to create a tint, black to create a shade or gray to create a tone.

Saturation is the purity of the hue. The colors on the color wheel are considered to be in their purest form. Looking at the graphic, you will noteDimesions_saturation that the saturation lessens as the colors move towards the center. They are considered to be desaturated when no hue dominates.

Colors are tied to natural elements like fire, water, sky, all evoking responses as if you were experiencing these elements firsthand. Reds in a room will make you feel warmer than light blues or greens, which cool or soothe your mind, body and spirit.

Rooms that you want to provoke serenity and calm, such as bedrooms and baths are often done in the cool colors like blue and green. Rooms like the kitchen or exercise and play area are best done in warm colors like red, orange and yellow. These colors stimulate you and make you want to be active. There is one exception to this idea, the color orange increases your appetite, thus you may want to steer clear of vivid orange walls for the kitchen.

When you are trying to decide a room’s color palette you need to consider not only your personal preferences, but also how the space will be used, it’s lighting and architectural detail.

Be careful how much bright color you place into any one room. Though initially exciting, too much color can become exhausting over time. Complementary color schemes will help with this issue because this color scheme will always balance a warm hue with a cool hue.Victorian Rose Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

Infuse color into your rooms using accessories such as tiffany lamps or large colored vases or statues. Remember the 60-30-10 rule we spoke of prior.

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