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It is a daunting task to pick a color when decorating your home. You know you have a set budget, and you will only get one shot at making what you pictured in your head come to life in the room. You want to insert a little of your personality into the room, yet you cringe at the thought that the finished product may not produce the visual or psychological effects you intended the room to have.

Before turning your back on the project, let’s get a grip on what the color wheel is and how it works.

The basic color wheel was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton while performing a prism experiment in which he discovered that pure white light contains a full spectrum of colors.Color Wheel

The color wheel has 12 colors classified into three categories, primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

Primary ColorsPrimary colors are red, yellow and blue.

I have for you an example of primary colors used togetherAntique Roses Tiffany Style Table Lamp in a tiffany style lamp.

Secondary ColorsSecondary colors are orange, green and violet (created by mixing primary colors).

An example of secondary colors used together can be seen in this Victorian design tiffany style lamp.Victorian Lighted Base Tiffany Style Table Lamp  

Tertiary ColorsTertiary colors are yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue violet, blue-green and yellow-green (created by mixing a secondary color with the primary color next to it).

An example of the tertiary colors is displayed in this wisteriaWisteria Design Tiffany Style Table Lamp design tiffany style table lamp.

Now you know the colors. My next post will show you the four common color schemes and how to use them in your home.

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