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60-30-10 Rule

posted by Bonnie @ 7:55 AM
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do you know what the 60-30-10 rule means in color selection?

Look at rooms in several designer magazines and note which ones you like. See if you notice this designer technique in most of those you selected.

The overall theme is generally 60% unifying coloration, 30% visual interest and 10% sparkle. Easily remember this formula picturing a man’s suit. The jacket and pants equal 60%, the shirt equals 30%, and the tie adds the 10% spark.

Now in your room, the walls equal the 60% coloration, the upholstery or large furniture pieces the 30% visual interest, and the 10% sparkle could be a tiffany lamp or large floral arrangement.

This particular division of color is appealing to the human eye. I cannot explain it, but it works.

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