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Low Budget Decorating – Move it, don’t always lose it!

posted by Bonnie @ 5:55 PM
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bare bones budgets do not mean you cannot give your home a fresh new look.

Take a look at what you have now and it’s placement in the room. If all the furniture is hugging the walls, try floating some of it out into the room. This will make the room feel less structured.

Take the stacks of books and magazines from the coffee table and put them on the book shelves and into a magazine rack or basket. Remove the afghan or throw from the back of the couch, fold it and place it in a linen closet until you need it. This will open up your space by removing some of the clutter.

Now add some color. A few throw pillows or new curtains, a small tiffany style accent lamp or even a tiffany style floor lamp to accompany the sofa or chair you have pulled from the wall.

Finish it off with scented candles with a seasonal scent. For spring I suggest a fresh linen scent or a mild floral scent.

Take your warm and cozy wall decor down and replace it with something light and bright.

Move back and look at what you accomplished. You have changed the entire look and feel of the room, spending little or none of the budget you have.

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